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特色背景牆設計 Special Feature Wall 

Feature wall ideas that really make a Story ... 

Woodchip & Magnolia


These days we associate wallpaper borders with kitsch 1980s schemes we would rather forget. Not anymore! This fresh take on a wallpaper frieze brings the look up-to-date with subtle style. Reflecting on popular full-sized etched murals this 'forestscape' border is a more low-key option that we think is a mini mural must-have.

我們將牆紙邊框與我們寧願忘記的 1980 年代媚俗方案聯繫起來。 這種全新的牆紙飾帶帶來了最新的外觀和微妙的風格。考慮到流行的全尺寸蝕刻壁畫,這個“森林景觀”邊界是一個更加低調的選擇,我們認為它是迷你壁畫的必備品。

Carpet right  

Feature walls are nothing new, but their ability to transform a room with colour, texture and balance continues to keep them firmly pinned to many decorating mood boards. From contemporary paint techniques and panelling to incredible wall-to-floor murals, take a look at these fresh feature wall ideas that are sure to stand out in any room scheme. 


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3D Wall

White and Grey 3D wall create a modern feeling, wall designs creating impressive and unique surfaces which enrich home interiors.


白色和灰色 3D 牆壁營造出現代感,牆壁設計創造出令人印象深刻且獨特豐富的表面。

New Deco 

Beautiful decorative rib mix with marble LED wall.

美麗的裝飾傳統花線與大理石 LED 牆相結合。

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